21 Aug 04:13



Students at SMAN I Campaka who are members of Agricultural Extracurricular activities harvest again on 6,000 meters of school-owned land.


The event was held, Tuesday (25/7) on the land located in the school's backyard. Students mostly wearing all-black enthusiastically harvest the 3 month old mahonara rice 14 days.


Head of SMAN I Campaka, Nur Asiah Jamil in her statement in front of the media crew said that the activities carried out in the institution that she leads is the implementation of the Regent Regulation no. 69 of 2015 on Character Education.


As known, the regent regulation emphasizes natural-based applicative education and school environment.


"This part of the applicative education formulated by Mr. Regent, as the implementation of the Concept of Character Education. We use the vacant land in this school for planting, we focus on the production of agricultural commodities such as rice and crops. We also focus on maintaining fish in the poolside pond, "said Nur Asiah.


Previously known, the students at SMAN I Campaka also had harvested IR64 and varieties of rice.


The harvest is sold by the students to some traders who sell rice at Ki Sunda Market, Leuwi Panjang, Purwakarta. While vegetable harvest is sold to food stalls around the school.


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi who also attended the opening of the event at the same time harvesting rice crops of students at SMAN I Campaka expressed appreciation to the students in the school especially students who are members of the extracurricular Agriculture.


According to him, the younger generation who want to go directly to the world of agriculture is rare. Knowledge and practice learned by the students, Dedi added, can be applied by them when they no longer sit in school.


"They always succeed in harvesting every year, this is good, be a provision for them when going out of school," he concluded. (*)