25 Sep 20:26


Empowerment continues to be demonstrated by the various circles of violence against ethnic Rohingyas in Rakhine State, Myanmar. One of them is Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi this morning, Monday (4/8) at Bale Maya Datar, Regional Secretariat of Purwakarta, Gandanegara Street No. 25.Since 08.00 am, Dedi seen gathering all officials II to IV esselon who are in Purwakarta Regency Government environment. After delivering remarks, the man who is now always attached to the black cap seems to be providing a small barrel in the middle of the audience and calling for a fundraiser for the Rohingyas."As the direction of Mr. President, today we do a real action, not just criticize. We collect funds for the Rohingya community, hopefully can ease their burden, "said Dedi after the fund-raising activities. Dedi also appealed to all components of the community so as not to exacerbate the conflict in one of the ASEAN Member Countries and bring it into SARA sentiment in Indonesia. In principle, he added, the settlement of this issue must rest on the value of humanity as the basis for peace. "Anyone who takes the life of an individual or a community cannot be justified for any reason. Cruel acts that are against the value of humanity, "he said. The fund collection itself is targeted to reach Rp 200 Million. Once collected, the Purwakarta Regency Government will work with the local Indonesian Red Cross for the distribution of aid. "All God willing donate yes, ranging from officials to the village head. Target us Rp200 Million can be collected, we channel through PMI, "he said. Officials in attendance seemed to include Rp50 thousand and Rp100 thousand in small buckets that have been provided. They seemed enthusiastic to donate as one of the mirror Silih Asah, Silih Asih and Silih Asuh typical of West Java."Alhamdulillah, we can participate, may be useful," said Asep Supriatna, one of the officials present. (*)