25 Sep 20:29


Construction of various sports facilities in Purwakarta not only meant for the creation of a public space for the local community. But more than that, long-term goals have been set to coaching athletes on an continuously. Dedi said that these programs implemented since mid of 2015 within from the moment of sporting competition with the purpose of coaching athletes Purwakarta long-term basis. "Yes, besides creating facilities for the community, coaching athletes is also our long-term targets," said Dedi. Coaching athletes in the area is to avoid 'take' athletes from other regions. He will maximize the potential of local athletes. "If the moment of PON and PORDA mostly was not use local athletes, I think that’s not good. It needs political will of the leaders to arrangement of facilities and coaching athletes themselves, "he added. Dedi also tell about the success of Purwakarta soccer athletes who come from villages in Purwakarta. Football team whose name is used as the new name for the GOR Purnawarman is a capable enough not only at national but also international level. "We can see the football team ASAD 313 Jaya Perkasa is able in all the competitions that they follow "he explained. According to him, the soccer athletes resource have significant value than have to pay professional clubs. "We build the foundation first, through the football schools will be born-qualified talents," he concluded. (*)