25 Sep 20:32


The 49th anniversary commemoration Purwakarta Regency titled 4th principle of Pancasila which was held tonight on Friday (18/8) was different. Typically, the whole series of events centered in Purwakarta City precisely in Jenderal Sudirman Street, KK Singawinata Street and RE Martadinata Street. But this time, the event with the theme "Panji Demokrasi Purwakarta" was held in Wanayasa. Wanayasa itself is not a foreign place for Purwakarta. This area is the forerunner Purwakarta after previously became the capital of Karawang regency before 1831 ago. The entire of Purwakarta area in the past is the administrative area of Karawang regency under the Government Raden Singaperbangsa. A total of 5000 more participants consisting of students and community took part in the parade activities that started from Babakan Village and took the finish line in the village square of Wanayasa. The parade procession also invites the attention of local people who witnessed. Event Coordinator, Didi Garnadi said that besides being filled with stilts march, the participants also brought all political parties in Indonesia. This action is not without purpose, because according to the official of Purwakarta Education Office, the flag is expected to become a symbol of political education not only for the students but also for the wider community. "Yes, according to the theme, the 4th principle of Pancasila kan Kerakyatan which is led by wisdom / wisdom in deliberation / representation, this should be a learning of democracy for all students, as well as society," said Didi at the start of the activity. Meanwhile, Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi in his speech called for the formation of community character in daily life. According to him, it is important to keep the development assets that have been created for the last 10 years during his leadership as Regent. "Why Situ Wanayasa not like Situ Buleud which became Sri Baduga Park? Because later, if built even lost the results of its construction, Situ Buleud there is a high fence that guard, so safe.our problem today is character, "said Dedi. Red and white flags and other accessories with the same nuance brought by the residents, helped enliven this activity. This is because the atmosphere of celebration of the 72nd anniversary of RI in all villages within the scope of Wanayasa District has not ended, so that residents bring the attributes of celebration of HUT RI in this parade.After opening with theatrical action from Sukmasarakan group of Ayi Kurnia Iskandar, this event will be closed by Wayang Golek performance from Lingkung Seni Putera Kahuripan, the leader of Little Dalang Yudhistira Manunggaling Rahmaning Hurip, the son of Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi. (*)